Cake Pricing & Info

Pricing and Information

Cupcake Pricing:
Mini cupcakes decorated start at $18.00/dz.


Medium size decorated cupcakes with filling start at $30.00/dz.

Large size decorated cupcakes with filling start at $60.00/dz.


Sheet Cake Pricing                                                                                        Round Cake Pricing:
7″ round cake ( serves 10-12) 40.00

    ¼ sheet cake ( serves 15-24) 45.00                                                                    8” round cake (serves 12-16)    45.00

    1/3 sheet cake (serves 25 – 35) 50.00                                                              10″ round cake ( serves  16-24)  60.00

    ½ sheet cake (serves 35-48) $65.00                                                               12″ round cake ( serves 24-35)   70.00

    2/3 sheet cake (serves 70 – 80) $90.00

    Full sheet cake (serves 90 – 100) $125.00


Cream Cheese Mints Pricing:

Mints are sold by the pound at $22.00/lb.

(Approx. 100 – 130 mints per pound depending on mold chosen)



Cake Flavors:                                                         

    White Cake                                                    Chocolate Cake            Coconut Cake

    Marble Cake                                                   Lemon Cake                  Raspberry Cake              

    Hazelnut Cake                                                Yellow Cake                  German Chocolate       

    Lemon Poppy Seed Cake                                Almond Cake                 Red Velvet      

    Almond Poppy Seed Cake                               Carrot Cake                Orange Cake

    Strawberry Cake                                             Spice Cake                     Pistachio Cake
Gluten Free available in all flavors except Red Velvet and Carrot


Filling Flavors:

   Raspberry Filling                                             Plain Icing Filling                

   Chocolate Fudge Filling                                 Strawberry Filling                            

   Lemon Chiffon Filling                                     Pineapple Filling

  Orange Chiffon Filling                                    Cream Cheese Filling        

  Amaretto Cream Filling                                  Almond Filling                                 

  Coconut Filling                                                Hazelnut Filling

 Vanilla Bavarian Cream Filling                     Cherry Filling                                   

 Chocolate Icing Filling                                    Chocolate Bavarian Cream Filling

 White Chocolate Buttercream Filling          Mocha Filling

White Chocolate Raspberry Buttercream     Strawberry Basil Filling

Chocolate Ganache


If you do not see a cake flavor or filling flavor that you would like, please ask.


Specialty Cakes and desserts (prices quoted at order):

Gluten Free Cakes                  Petit Fours                 Cheesecake                            Croquembouche

Pastries (éclairs, cream puffs, swans, napoleons, etc.)


Pecan Pie $20.00       All other pies $18.00